TMSG 003: Heather Elizabeth & Wil McLean – Tell Me Something Good

On this Tell Me Something Good episode, we sit down in person with Toronto sexuality empowerment coach, Heather Elizabeth.
Heather’s story is a short, but intimate tale, of how romance doesn’t always look the way we’re used to, but that doesn’t make it any less special.

As a Sexuality Agitator, Educator and Empowerment Coach Heather is all about helping people have the conversation they want to have around sexuality (and everything that includes) so they get down to having the sex they really want to be having. She’s passionate about self exploration, transformative learning, communication, and figuring out new ways to do better.

Follow Heather on Twitter @misshc or visit her website at

Our second guest is Wil McLean, owner/operator of Sybian Toronto.Wil sat down with us in person to share his story of roommates and porn gone wrong, and we turned it into one long chat about sex, mac and cheese, and so much more.

Wil has been a writer, reviewer and product knowledge expert in the adult toy industry for over 14 years. As a proud perv and physical therapist, his goal is to bring information, awareness and advocacy to the masses through hands on good vibrations.

Follow him on Twitter@SybianToronto or visit his website at Sybian Toronto.

Thanks for listening. We’ll see you soon for Episode 4.


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