Review: LIV 2 by LELO


Review: LIV 2 by LELOOur play partiers often exhibit a buffet of LELO sex toys. My favorite has always been the GIGI so when I found myself with a LIV 2 in my hand I was excited to try it out! LELO recently revamped their line of toys so I knew I was in for something interesting.

What is the difference between the LIV and the LIV 2?

The LIV 2 has more powerful vibrations. Most vibrators place the vibration at the base of the toy, the disadvantage being that by time the vibrations get to the top, they lose all their power. The silicone shaft of this toy is where the vibration comes from and the entire shaft of the toy has an equal amount of power. The vibrations start with low, medium, high and then start with 8 fun patterns. The controls are right to left for speed and up and down for different vibrations. I was surprised at how quiet the LIV 2 was since it's more powerful, It's definitely a toy you can’t hear through the wall or through the covers.

I describe the LIV 2 as silky smooth. It feels as if there is lube already on the toy without the stickiness. This upgraded model has a softer body safe silicone shaft. It’s a nice sized vibe, not too big around and not too long. Just perfect. The shaft comes in three colors: green, pink and purple. I received the green and I must say it’s nice to have a toy in a different color than pink and purple.

One big modification is this vibe went from splash proof to fully waterproof. I was a little worried about using this in water but gave it a shot. The bottom port where you plug it in to charge the vibrator is exposed. I made sure it was dry before plugging the cord in to charge. I wish it came with a cover to plug up the port, but apparently it's unnecessary.

The neat thing about this vibrator is you can use it in two different ways. It’s a great g-spot stimulator. The curve is just right and not too much when inside. I also used it on my clit. It's slim enough for it to rest on the whole clit. It’s easy to handle by yourself when playing alone and the white base is easy to hold. The controls don’t get in the way but are easy to find while playing.

The LIV 2 retails for $119 and it's definitely worth it. I have nothing but love for the revamped LIV 2 by LELO. This vibrator alone could replace several other toys I own. It’s soft, sleek, fun and enjoyable. This proves that LELO as a brand takes the time to produce toys that everyone will love. I look forward to adding this toy to our collection for our next party.

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