PP 30: Postulant Polyamory – Jealousy, How We Did 29 Episodes on Polyamory Without Talking About It.


Gavin is taking the reigns once again, and this time he is putting Shira through her worst nightmare: conversations about Jealousy.  Before they get into the topic, Gavin and Shira ONCE AGAIN try to make their voice clear on the topic of privilege (last time, I swear… probably… maybe).  Gavin then leads us through the topic of jealousy, what it is, what it means, how to deal, and the best cleaning solutions to get the shit off your floor.  Shira meanwhile kicks and pouts as she usually does when things get Postulant, but she does it in her usual adorable sassy way.  Will Gavin be able to steer this ship?  Will Shira call a mutiny and take over half way through the show?  Listen and find out? I mean, listen and find out!



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  1. great show, i learned a lot! now if only my ex had taken your advice… which just goes to show that your podcast is needed, keep up the good work. and btw that should be “reins” not “reigns as in steering a horse, not acting like a king.

  2. This is a difficult lesson to work through when raised in a parentally jealous controlling environment. Thank you for the discussion, and for your open and fun way of approaching it.

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