PP 29: Listener Mail – Gay Pride, All Privilege and Full Disclosure


Shira B goes to the San Francisco Pride Parade and regales you with tales of terror in the streets of San Francisco. Pissing, shitting, and domestic violence, oh my. Then the Katz hit the listener mail bag to give the Pedestrians a differing view on privilege and political correctness. Other topics include: more Gavins, ¬†disclosing polyamory to casual lovers, and newbie pitfalls in opening up long term relationships. Listen to some uncensored Katz commentary. (Unless they’re talking about I#@ Cr*!m.)



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  1. With regards to the response to telling you to research privilege vs. explaining it to you, that’s a standard response. The sentiment is that expecting others to educate you on the issue is seen as a “privileged” response.

    • Isn’t teaching the most noble thing one can do on an issue. If the request to be educated is privileged, than those who ought to be educating (and thus improving not only their acceptance but the world) are instead saying “figure it out!”

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