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I wanted to throw a shout out to our good friends Mr. & Mrs. SwapFu (Mr. SwapFu has been a guest blogger on our very own Swingset, writing Unfriended, and Swinging Without a Net) and the SwapFu podcast.  Usually their show revolves around their ever growing experiences in the “organized swinging lifestyle” having been swingers with out using any of the formal channels for many years.

I’ve had the opportunity to chat with both of them on several occasions and plan to have them climb on the Swingset in the not too distant future, but I specifically wanted everybody who’s fans of our website to give their tenth episode a listen, it’s two lists (one from each of them) of the top ten things they’ve learned since they became OFFICIAL SWINGERS.

They’ve also been very kind to mention us on many occasions, so check them out, thems good peoples.


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Cooper's life isn't like other people's. When he's not writing or podcasting at Life on the Swingset or his Hannibal podcast Eat The Rudecast, he's living it up as an evangelical swinger drifting toward poly, spreading the good word that "sharing is caring." He truly believes that a good many people would be open to exploring the fringe of human sexuality and relationships, knocking down the borders between orientations, and experiencing the most basic of human rights: great sex, if only they were told it's okay to do so. He has resolved to change the world, even if it's only one couple at a time. Buy Cooper's book My Life on the Swingset: Adventures in Swinging & Polyamory Be his friend on Facebook – Follow him on Twitter

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  1. Very kind Cooper! Thank you for the shout out. It's very appreciated and as you know, we are tremendous supporters of Life on the Swingset. Information empowers us to follow or dreams and desires. That's a good thing. :) Hugs to you and your cast. Ms. Swapfu!

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