Pedestrian Polyamory 43: Listener Mail: Phantom STI’s, Dick Soup, and Friskie Kreplits


Pedestrians!  The super happy and functional Gavin and Shira are back, and are opening up their mail bags once again.  Gavin refuses to have Pedestrian Affairs, while Shira talks about the emotional roller coaster that is Gavin Katz.  Listener mail topics this week include: WHEN TO TELL A POTENTIAL PARTNER THAT YOU ARE POLY (yes, we got it again), how to successfully make ‘me time’ when having multiple relationships, STI talks, Pedestrian Postcards, and how to deal with the thought that your partner doesn’t love you as much as another.  All this and so much more (ok, just a bit more) in this weeks episode.  Gavin! Shira! Polyamory! Podcast! Play!



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