An Open Letter from Shira B


560847_400455723382067_453259396_nDearest Barries, Berries, and Pedestrians,

Have you ever had a caricature drawn of you? No? Come to San Francisco sometime. Some charming artist on the Fisherman’s Wharf will talk you out of 20 bucks and 20 minutes and proceed to draw your picture. When the artist turns his drawing around for you to see, you smile. Obviously, it’s not your exact reflection looking back at you. It IS you, however, with all of your distinct features exaggerated and cartoonish. Your real life full lips are drawn out to look shiny, glossy, bubbly, and Jessica Rabbit-esque. Your hipster beard has been rendered to take up half of the sheet of paper and there is a little tweety bird living in there. Your caricature is you, hyperbolized.

Pedestrian Polyamory, too, is a caricature. Gavin and I take tiny parts of ourselves and blow them up. We are, in many ways, partially fiction. There are things we say on the show, things we think will be funny or entertaining in some way, which we would never say in real life. This can be a little confusing. So much truth and reality is mixed in with the play that it’s hard to tell which is which.

Gavin and I have similar goals for the show, but our roles are very different. We want Pedestrian Polyamory to be one part ‘reality podcasting’ (for lack of a better term), one part education, and one part entertainment. My focus in the show’s production is to get the tips and lessons communicated effectively and honestly while maintaining a lightheartedness that reflects my assessment of the absurdity and preciousness of life. Gavin’s focus in the show is to bring entertainment, to give the underdogs of the world something to relate to, and to build a community.

Occasionally the entertainment portion of our show is better in the creator’s head than it is in execution. We’ve had a few episodes where we’ve let the jokes get in the way of the message. (A great many episodes, it seems.) We’re adjusting. We’re figuring out the balance, still. The cartoonish proportions of our show will be given nips and tucks.

We don’t know what the show will look like next week, or next year. We will be surprised along with you guys. However, it’s important that you guys know that we will continue being honest about the details of what is going on over here… however we may dress it up or down. Shit has gotten weird in the Katz house, but it’s still a house full of love and compassion. We’ll try to minimize making shit too weird on the show.

Thanks for hanging in there, guys.




Shira B.


About Author

Shira B. Katz is a co-host of the Life on the Swingset podcast, bringing a pansexual and polyamorous viewpoint to the show. Shira also hosts Pedestrian Polyamory, a podcast on the Swingset network that focuses on polyamory and all of it's glorious (and not so glorious) features. When not writing articles, podcasting, or otherwise extolling the virtues of polyamory, Shira can be found in the wild getting crushes on nerds, lusting after boykisses, and fussing about in the San Francisco Bay area. To learn more about Shira B. Katz follow her on Twitter