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I love toys that are simple, can be used in various positions and speeds, have that “special” feature that no other toy has, and give me an explosive orgasm and the Sinfonia did all of those things. When I first saw the Sinfonia in person and held it in my hand I was impressed with how sleek, soft, and simple it was. I even thought it was almost too simple, but it had that little something that I thought it made it different from all other toys I have tried in the past. It is about as long as my hand from the tip of my middle finger to my wrist, and is shaped in a tapered downward arc, going to a fingertip sized point. That slightly bent tip really caught me eye since I’ve never seen a vibe that did that and then I knew I needed to try it out.

First cock ring? I know! A sex positive guy such as myself has never used a cock ring?

Well, I have once, sorta. It was one of those weird jelly monsters that have bullet vibes on either side. It was ridiculous and not sexy and after about two minutes, I just had to let it go. And ever since then, I really haven’t bothered. After all, cock rings come with a whole bunch of warnings, don’t leave it on too long, keep a scissors handy to cut it off if need be, etc. I don’t want to get dependent on any product that could ultimately cripple me. But perhaps that’s being overly neurotic. Sounds like me.

The first thing I noticed about the Close2you Allegro was how good it looked and felt in my hand; it’s an elegant toy, with a bass clef (the company’s gimmick appears to be a music motif) emblazoned on its delicate pink surface. The Allegro is all sensuous curves, and even the control buttons are gracefully designed.