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I’m no stranger to anal play and prostate stimulation, as those who’ve read my reviews…

First cock ring? I know! A sex positive guy such as myself has never used a cock ring?

Well, I have once, sorta. It was one of those weird jelly monsters that have bullet vibes on either side. It was ridiculous and not sexy and after about two minutes, I just had to let it go. And ever since then, I really haven’t bothered. After all, cock rings come with a whole bunch of warnings, don’t leave it on too long, keep a scissors handy to cut it off if need be, etc. I don’t want to get dependent on any product that could ultimately cripple me. But perhaps that’s being overly neurotic. Sounds like me.

Ever since I was little I’ve always enjoyed taking bubble baths. Washing up was always time for fun and I got to play with all my bath time toys. Today I still enjoy them, probably much more than I ever have, too. My toys have also changed. One toy that I choose to play with over any other is the Tulip Teaser. It was one of the first toys I ever bought, and I picked it because I thought it looked simple, non-threatening, and it was waterproof. I was totally up for trying a new toy for the tub and I’m so happy I decided to get it.

First and foremost, like any silicone toy, this baby is SOFT and smooth. It’s shaped sort of like a fat bent finger, with a base that flairs out in two curved directions to keep the G-Rider in place. The front flair has little nubs on it for stimulation of the perineum while the back is a “handle for manual intervention” but I personally couldn’t get a real grip on it.

“What a strange and funny like thing!” That was my first thought, and then I worried how it would feel while my husband was in me too! So the only thing to do was give it a test run. I slide it in and noticed right away the external vibe was at the right spot! (It’s so annoying when a rabbit doesn’t hit where it should!) This was perfect! Then as my husband slid in, I felt an increased pressure on my g-spot and to top it off it was vibrating! As he slide in and out the internal vibe kept tapping my g-spot! HEAVEN! And I have to tell you… he must have enjoyed it as much as I did, a few days later he was asking for it again!