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Ginger and Ryan (aka Prof) reveal the story of Prof’s multiple strokes and the myriad ways that this near death experience has shifted both their perspectives and impacted their relationship. (Part 1 of 2)

Today I was having a conversation with Holly about what people expect to get out of the lifestyle, and how different those expectations can often be. We came to the conclusion that the expectations people have are just as varied as their reasons for getting into the lifestyle in the first place. But one of the most varied expectations I’ve seen is the variety of interpretations of those looking for “friends first” in the lifestyle. (As opposed to the NSA [No Strings Attached] folk.) Marilyn and I fall into the so called friends first category, as do most of the lifestyle people we associate with. Though lately I’ve been thinking that this idea of friends first is really a misnomer. We’ve gotten to know people a bit, either by going on a date with them, talking to them online, or meeting them through one of our other friends. But have we really become FRIENDS at that point, before we hop into bed?