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Coming Out As Swingers – To Be Or Not To Be . . . Open?

One issue that everyone whom engages in alternative or counter-culture lifestyles will eventually have to face and come to terms with is whether or not to be open about their lifestyle, to what level, and to whom. It does not matter if you are gay, bi-sexual, non-monagamous, a fetishist, a swinger, or a polyamorist. These lifestyle choices are against the norm, and there is often a great deal of anxiety involved around the honest expression of our choices.

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Polyamory – At The Core of One’s Being…

Is polyamory like sexual orientation, a deep trait felt to be at the core of one’s being? Would a polyamorous person feel as incomplete without multiple partners as a lesbian or gay person might feel without one?

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Rings and Conversation – Polyamory, Flirting, & Wedding Rings

It occurred to me today – well, many times, but I only dwelled enough on the subject to write about it today – that the wedding ring, which once was the universal sign for “don’t even try to flirt with me” has lost that aspect of its meaning in my life. How many people do we know who are happily married and also romantically available? I am on that list.

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When someone is asking questions about my lifestyle, the one I get most often seems…