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Shawn Coleman and Kevin Patterson join Ginger Bentham, Ryan Bentham, and Dylan Thomas, to discuss consent. They talk practicing consent in every day life. "Consent has to exist in our every day lives and not just be a concept in the legal system." The concept of euretic consent, a term Shawn Coleman has offered the
Ruby Johnson LCSW takes over Life on the Swingset and brings Dr. Justin Clardy, Thomas of and Vision By Thomas,  Charita Marie, and Jhen from the Monogamish Podcast to offer their experiences being black and polyamorous in the midst of covid and the uprising. You can find Ruby Johnson LCSW on Twitter and Instagram
Dylan Thomas and Ginger Bentham are both without their partners. Dylan and Ginger decide that it's more fun to cope with their traveling partners by dragging them kicking and streaming onto the Swingset! The Swingset welcomes back Tonia Thomas and Ryan, also known as... The Professor! Would you like 20% off on an award winning