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Is polyamory like sexual orientation, a deep trait felt to be at the core of one’s being? Would a polyamorous person feel as incomplete without multiple partners as a lesbian or gay person might feel without one?

We cold open with Cooper having a butt plug (hand crafted by Boris at inserted by Marilyn, then lead into a discussion of our kinks kicked off by a listener voicemail request. We round robin it for a while, discovering some of our surface kinks, resistance play, certain clothes, BDSM and pegging tops the list. Dylan spends much of the show insisting he doesn’t have any kinks before realizing time and again that he does. We also talk about being squicked out by some people’s kinks, and the difference between kink and fetish.

Plenty of swingers like a little slap and tickle. If you’ve ever had a playmate begging to be treated like a slut in the heat of the moment, you’re already one of us. You’ve engaged in what we call “humiliation play.” If you’ve ever enjoyed a slap to the ass while getting fucked, you’ve engaged in pain play. We communicate about this stuff with a depth of understanding which causes us to need a big vocabulary that can seem very intimidating from the outside.

I’ve been swinging on and off for years as a single guy. Just over a year ago I met a woman who’s kinky and pretty open minded and into trying BDSM. I hoped that I could draw her into swinging but she’s very reticent about getting started despite her wanting us both to try some bi fun. My best efforts in making her feel secure in our relationship don’t seem to be working as she still struggles with taking that first step. I’m finding it frustrating because I’m missing the lifestyle but don’t want to ruin what we have now.