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SS 21: Bisexuality and You – Part 1

In Life on the Swingset, The Podcast, Ep 21, we begin the big discussion about male and female bisexuality, crossing our way into pansexuality and omnisexuality and everything in between. We discuss the journey of the bisexual male, the evolution of acceptance (and hotness) of the bisexual female, the stereotypes and biases against both and the growing need for non-monogamy to be its own subclass.

Swingset Life on the Swingset - Swinger Podcast Logo

SS 10: It’s Naked Time with a Live Nude Cast

In Episode 10 of Life on the Swingset the cast is naked! Not that it matters, because you can’t see them. But just think of their sexy naked bodies….This episode is about being naked and all that goes with it, the nervousness and fun, the excitement and panic, the boys say that any size boobs are great, and Sasha bucks the trend and says size does matter with penises.

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