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Pedestrian Polyamory Pedestrian Polyamory - The Polyamory and Non-Monogamy Podcast

PP 24: Listener Mail – We hit the Mail for the Hell of it

GHere we go, here we go, here we go again. Barry, what’s my weakness? (Mail!) Ok, then. Chillin’, chillin’, mindin’ my business. I checked my mail and I couldn’t believe this. I swear; I stared, Gavin’s my witness, the mailbox had it goin’ on with somethin’ kinda wicked, wicked – I had to click it. I’m not shy so I podcast the business.

The mailbox is packed and it’s stacked (‘specially in the back). D Barry wanted to thank a lover for mail like that. Can S Barry get some love with that shake-shake boobie? If looks could kill, Gavin would be an uzi. He’s a shotgun – bang! What’s up with that thang? The swingset wants to know; how does it hang? Straight up, wait up, hol… No really, hold on. Gavin is going to kill me.

Stick with us on the show as we answer a bunch of listener mail. We hit the mail for the hell of it, just for the yell we get. Mmm, mmm, mmm.. for the smell of it.



Pedestrian Polyamory Pedestrian Polyamory - The Polyamory and Non-Monogamy Podcast

PP 23: Threesomes!

Gavin and Shira talk about threesomes of the sexy variety (not the relationshipy vee/triad variety) in this episode of Pedestrian Polyamory. Before diving into the topic, Shira and Gavin talk a bit about enjoying each other’s other partners and invite the listeners to improve upon their theme music. Then diving into the subject of threesomes, the Katz talk about protection, preparation, negotiation and execution of awesomely sexy threesomes and share a few stories about their own awesome (and less than awesome) threesomes. Listen up!


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