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Dylan and Ginger hang out with the Swingset patrons for a live podcast of reviews, listener questions, and some ridiculousness. Ryan The Professor makes his way into this episode like a wrecking ball to share his thoughts. From solo polyamorous parenting to fluid-bonding, these three climb up on the Swingset to riff. And riff they
Dylan, Ginger, and Cooper visited New Orleans for Naughty in N'awlins 2019! Among the the sexiness and debauchery, Naughty offers educational sessions and demonstrations, and spaces for panel discussions. in this episode, the Swingset crew relays their origin stories: Where they are, where they were, and how they got there. Tristan Taormino is coming to
We all start somewhere in the lifestyle and the Swingset is an ideal place to access that welcoming hand! Dylan and Ginger are joined by two wise, experienced, and fantastically fun couples: Diana and Keiland, party hosts from Dallas Texas, and Tori and Soul of the Torrid Souls podcast. This dynamic discussion covers practical topics

In the first ever episode with guests, Ginger and Ryan are joined by Dr. Dave and Dylan in a bedcast from our trip to Naughty in N’awlins after a stellar dinner and then a creative round one of sexy time. All manner of New Orleans reflection including delicious food, drinks, and desserts parlay back into round two of sexy time for the evening. Prepare to find yourselves hot and bothered not only by the spicy conversation, but also the incidental pleasure sounds from the stage bed in that Naughty in N’awlins penthouse. While this episode may still be considered intellectual, it is heavy on the foreplay, sapiosexuals. Prepare yourselves accordingly.

Dylan and Ginger enjoy a conversation with Carly and Ronda about the Big, Beautiful Woman (BBW) experience. In a powerful and vulnerable discussion, Carly and Ronda share their journeys and the source of their personal power. As voluptuous, fat bitches, they generously share their strategies for everyone, especially the BBWs, to navigate the world with

Ginger and Ryan dig deep into their own relationship, as well as their current and past poly relationships, and explore what’s worked for them and where they’ve fallen short. They call this process ‘holding up the mirror’ for each other to reflect back to each other the real thoughts and emotions they’ve experienced in their own relationship, as well as with their poly partners. Ginger courageously owns her own past mistakes around “re-entry” from when Ryan had sexual experiences that didn’t include her.