PP 6: Dating, Sex, Herpes and HPV


Today, boys and girls, Shira B. Katz cites her sources and teaches you all about the ins and outs of herpes and HPV but first Gavin shares his first public dancing experience and Shira tells us about meeting the inspirational and infamous Kapers from Sex is Fun. Find out why Gavin wants a bowl full of herpes. Listen to Shira whimper about all the lovely, amazing, STI riddled people she’s met recently. What will the Katz’ do to stay safe from STI’s but still make the most of the connections they’ve made with people who have them? And, most importantly, when will Shira get a freakin’ intro jingle for Shira B. Katz cites her sources?


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    Hi Gavin and Shira,

    I am 40, and have been poly for a couple of years only. I currently have 2 sexual partners. Until recently I always believed that safe sex meant wearing a condom for intercourse, and so did my partners. And I thought that everybody else believed the same. I had never heard about hsv and hpv. I have had hsv-I since childhood, and I don’t know about HSV-2, I have never been tested ( I am planning to now though ). After hearing your podcats, I feel like a plague-stricken stinky person who nobody in the poly community will ever want to be sexually involved with. I feel rejected, and really sad and anxious.


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