PP 4: All About The Penis – Size DOES Matter


It’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean… right? Shira calls bullshit! Listen to Shira and Gavin talk about why penis size most certainly matters, but first Gavin talks about his first cuddle-pile and Shira talks about meeting Boris and Doris on her trip to Texas. (Check their show out: The Boris and Doris Podcast!) Shira cites her sources and delves into some studies that gives some facts on the average lengths and girths of the human penis. And guess who’s a size queen? Shira B. Katz is! And she feels quite guilty about it, it would seem. Can she deal with a small dick? What’s an aerodynamic stunt cock? How does Gavin feel about having a big dick? Find out in the show.


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    Regarding Size Does Matter, I am typing this as I listen so it may flow strangely with the podcast; 

    Do not feel guilty because you unwrapped your christmas present expecting something awesome (jewelry) only to find something utilitarian (socks) and end up disappointed. 

     I am wondering what your reaction is when you find a big cock, as my experience with female playmates has run the gamut from obvious happiness to complete terror nearly resulting in play being called off.  Is there a point you would say “no way I can play with that”? 

    I loled at your brief anal discussion, as its a running joke with my wife and LS friends that I will never get anal for the very reason you mentioned.  Or I will eternally be the V man in the DP.  Gavin how would you cope with this “I like anal, but with anyone but you” situation?

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    podcast isn’t half bad, but it’s a little slow.  no need to be shy about offending people.  you should allow for entirely anonymous comments, people don’t like leaving real emails on posts on a sex website.

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    I was really excited when I saw the topic of this podcast. I did enjoy the discussion, but I was left wishing Shira would have shared more about why she likes big cocks. I do think it’s awesome that she openly calls herself a size queen. I actually think female size queens are so hot. I’m a bi male and I love big cocks too when it comes to penetration.

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