TMSG 006: The Sophie and Samantha Special!


After 5 episodes of Tell Me Something Good where we feature other people’s stories, we decided to have Episode 6 be a little extra special and feature just the two of us. (This was definitely a grand idea when it came to both recording and editing!) When we do our monthly live show in Toronto, we always kick off the show by sharing our own stories which is something we haven’t done yet on the podcast.

After we chat about all sorts of life updates including split play and some awkward parental interactions – (two separate topics, don’t worry) – we get right into it with two messy tales that will likely have you cringing. If you came here looking for something erotic, hopefully our charm will keep you around!

Sophie tells an old favourite, the tale of a blowjob gone wrong that will definitely give you a visual you’re not going to soon forget. Think braces. Think hospital. Stop thinking about it before you ruin the surprise.

Samantha’s story is all about the first date with her Daddy and how things took a slight turn for the awkward once the sex stuff happened. We’ve all been there though, or have we? It’s fair to say this episode revolves around a lot of … fluids.

As always, if you have feedback, thoughts, or praise about the episode, you can send us an email at or catch us on Twitter @TMSGpodcast, Samantha @nympsam, and Sophie @sophiedelancey.

Thanks for listening. We’ll see you on April 2 for Episode 7, the Catalyst Con wrap-up.

Speaking of which, we’ll be in DC from March 27-29 checking out the great sessions at CatalystCon! Samantha will be there repping Playground Conference, while Sophie will of course be repping both the Art of Blowjob and the Art of Cunnilingus. We’ll also be recording some great interviews for future TMSG podcast episodes!


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