Hannibal S01E13 – Savoureux – Eat The Rudecast

We discuss a listener’s thoughts on Will’s hallucination during his time at the cabin with Abigail in S01E12, then dovetail into a greater discussion of the season as a whole before we take our time deconstructing the use of unreliable narrators, the beauty and the horror of the finale for Season 1 of Hannibal. Miko even reluctantly looks forward to what season 2 might bring.

The beautiful and haunting Vide Cor Meum on youtube.

An Unofficial Podcast about NBC's Hannibal, Hannibal Lecter, and the Works of Thomas Harris.

Cooper, Technogeisha, and Ophilia Tesla eschew the sexuality podcast topic for another that's sexy in its own right. NBC's Hannibal takes an IP that has long since descended into parody and reinvigorates it. They talk about every episode, as well as the books and films about Hannibal Lecter.

Author: Eat The Rudecast

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