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Behind the Green Door…was Sorta Scary…Our First Adventure in Swinging

When it comes to Swinging, some people jump right in, blindly and boldly, or perhaps while holding some more experienced Swingers hand. Others look around at the available sites, books, or groups a few weeks or months and then decide to go for it. Some people take measured steps moving steady towards Swinging. And then there are others who move forward in small increments testing their comfort levels gingerly as they go. No one way is better than others as long as it works for the couple.

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My First Orgy

Suzy Softy is brand new to the swinging and blogging world. What better way to introduce herself than to describe her very first orgy? Read on to find out what it was like to boldly enter a sex club for Mr. and Mrs. S’s first time swinging!

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photo by by Glenn Harper Another common frustration I hear from swingers (both new and experienced)  is…

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