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SS 39: Debauchery at a Swing Club – Couple’s Playhouse Swingers Club Near Chicago

Dylan and Cooper return to Couple’s Playhouse, a swing club in the suburbs of Chicago for part two of their discussion and description of their first trip to a swingers club. Shira and Ginger add their own thoughts about swing clubs and other kink friendly clubs. Cooper talks about how odd it is to wander around nude with an erection, and Dylan continues his epic flirt.

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SS 38: Our Swingers Club Adventure – Living it up at Chicago Swing Club Couple’s Playhouse

After Shira discusses the wonderful world of sex and feeling better that came from having her IUD removed, Ginger talks about the benefits of hers, and Dylan discusses exploring his wife’s…for science. Ginger regales us with Prof’s solo date with a friend, Cooper and Marilyn take separate dates, and we discuss a wonderful trip to Couple’s Playhouse, a swing club in the suburbs of Chicago, and our experiences within in part one of our two part discussion.

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SS 35: Safer Sex, The Infections Formerly Known as STDs & Swinging – How Swingers & Polyamorists Handle Safer Sex

One of the most concerning topics for anyone looking to get into the swinging or other non-monogamous lifestyles is the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection, so we invite Gay Rick from Sex Is Fun, a HIV educator, on to discuss the concept of acceptable risk, how we all need to make the decision for ourselves if our lifestyle is worth the risks inherent in it, and ways to minimize our exposure risks.

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SS 33: Spank My Ass! BDSM, Swinging and You

The Swingset crew invites Miss Ami, a full time Domme to join the discussion about what BDSM stands for, what it means to be Domme/sub, how her lifestyle impacts her life, and why swingers seem to have such difficulty feeling comfortable with those four letters. (Dylan also discovers he might be more interested in exploring this than he thought…)

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SS 32: Cooper & Marilyn’s Excellent Adventure – Swinging at Desire Resort & Spa

Cooper and Marilyn just got back from Desire, but in between the nonstop playtime and suntanning and hottubbing and drinking and dining, they found time to record a full trip diary detailing their time spent at Desire Resort & Spa in Cancun. (Well, they found time to record two out of the three trip reports, the third was recorded, sadly, in cold Chicago.) So here it is, in its entirety, Cooper and Marilyn’s Excellent Adventure!

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SS 31: Sex on the Swingset is Fun – Live From Desire, The Sexiest Place on Earth with Kidder Kaper & Lorax

In Ep 31, the greatest crossover since The Flintstones met The Jetsons happens as Cooper and Marilyn podcast with Kidder Kaper and Lorax from Sex Is Fun live from an outside bed at Desire in sunny Cancun. They discuss what it’s like to be in a world populated by sex positive people, what may be the first publicly accepted bi male blowjob at the resort, the sometimes high tension and heightened drama that can result from such, the sexy times that have been had, first full swaps, newbies, and more!

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