OBH 26: Joan Price reviews new sex toys with a an older perspective – Our Better Half


The reigning queen of senior sex, Joan Price, visits OUR BETTER HALF to discuss her sex toy reviews with Laura.

Grandpa learns what “fluid bonding” means.
New segment: Don’t Yuck My Yum,
plus ICYMI sex news through prude goggles.

Music: Prince’s OrchestraChildren Toy March (open source)

It’s Don’t Yuck My Yum Time:
Dendrophilia: Sexual arousal from trees
Melolagnia: Sexual arousal from music
Oculolinctus: Sexual arousal from eyeball licking
Olfactophilia: Sexual arousal from smells
Sthenolagnia: Sexual arousal from displays of strength or muscles
Trichophilia: Fetish involving human hair
Sapiosexual: Attracted to intelligence or the human mind

Rate a Date
Geniuses of Adult Film
Good House Hunting
Tiny House Sex
pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)
Herpes vaccine progress
Gloved on Set
1,200 people live in this Dildo
No soup for YOU, or panties


Intro music: GarageBand “Collins Avenue”
Estelle Reiner quote from “When Harry Met Sally” (1989)
Birthday music: Gerbil Bliss – Jake’s Kept a Rollin 
Exit tap dance music: Pond5

Biology (Joe Jackson)
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Parents Just Don’t Understand …


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