The Swingset Takes Over Desire 2017

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Life on the Swingset (The Swinging & Polyamory Podcast) is proud to announce our sixth annual trip to the greatest place on Earth: Desire Resort & Spa in Cancun, Mexico. After four years ramping up our presence, 2016 marked our first takeover, and damn did we show that resort what we could do with the most inclusive and spectacularly geeky trip in the resort’s history, bringing together nudists, polyamorous quads, triads, couples looking to explore, long time swingers, polyamorists, exhibitionists, BDSMers, and those just curious, whose sexuality ran the gamut from straight, to bi, to queer, and pansexual.

For our sixth trip, we’re pulling out all the stops. Taking over the resort means we again get to plan the evening’s entertainment, the theme nights, activities, and let DJ Dylan run wild with the resort’s music. We brought a dungeon night for kinky folk, including St Andrews Crosses and flogging benches, classes on squirting, fisting, pegging, flogging, and more, several gang bangs and orgies, dueling Sybians, and the freedom to truly be our gloriously varied selves in paradise.

On our trip you’ll be able to explore to your heart’s content, following your whims and desires to play parties both hosted and pop-up, evening themed costume nights, demos of sex swings, floggings, and pegging, live podcast recordings, karaoke, wine socials, cocktails, prizes and giveaways, foam parties, or just relaxing by the pool, beach, or in the hot tub. It’s all there for you to pick and choose.

Desire Resort and Spa is NOT a large resort, and the number of rooms available are limited, so if you’re interested in coming to paradise with Life on the Swingset, you should put down a deposit with our wonderful travel coordinators at Char Travel NOW! Our trip has sold out every year we’ve held it, and is already booking fast! We’re certain this will sell out again for 2017, and it’s hard as hell to turn people away, even though we can say “There’s always next year!”

To those who haven’t been to Desire before, close your eyes and picture the finest all-inclusive resort. See its beach and swimming pools, its fine cuisine, its top shelf booze, its beautifully appointed rooms and buildings…Oh, and did we mention it’s full of open-minded sexy people?! Every level of openness is welcomed here, from those just looking to watch, to those filling their suitcases with leather, whips, and chains.

Desire is a place to let go and be yourself, free from the confines of the boring part of the world, where we can embrace the fact that our lives truly aren’t like other people’s.

For a taste of what a Life on the Swingset trip to Desire is all about, check out the many articles and podcasts below from our past trips. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email Cooper at

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These rates includes seven nights for two people, 1 room, food and drink included. Deposit is only one night’s stay

Deluxe Garden View room: $3,976
Superior Garden View room: $4,186
Deluxe Ocean View room: $4,438
Garden View jacuzzi room: $4,830
Ocean View Jacuzzi room: $5,334
Passion Suites: $6,958
Desire Suites: $11,840

Theme Nights

While Desire Resort and Spa has their own regular theme nights, these are the theme nights we did for our 2016 Desire takeover. Many will likely return along with fun new ones!

Damsels, Druids, Dragons, & Dungeons

Inappropriate Behaviour and Deviant Desires

Bods in Space

Alternate history/steampunk


Heroes and Villains

Stage & Screen